Monday, November 28, 2005

Finally Quit

Its been two months and i can feel the differnce.
The chemical dependency which was once an integral part of me
is no more.

Its like getting out of a prison term(5 yrs to be exact).
You suddenly have a lot of time in your hands, feel better,feel free and
defenitely smell better. The bonus along with all this is the extra pounds. Initially
its a bit alarming to see the exponential growth in weight. Then you stike an equelibrium.

The best part of the whole journey is the diffent reactions you get when you say you have quit.
Usually the initial reaction is to laugh it off, or pass a 'smart remark'. But when people actually realize that you have quit, the expressions can be quiet drastic. From a simple 'oh is it' to a 'Amazing', and sometimes even 'Holy Crap, have u gone Insane' .......
Sometimes people ask 'Don't you miss smoking?'
The fact is i dont miss smoking but sometimes i miss the good times i had while smoking,people whom i dont meet anymore becouse i dont go to the smoking room.

So long ...